Empty Nester Homes

The Empty Nest collection features homes geared toward this season of your life, when children are out of the house and you may not need as much room, but you want everything to be high quality. These designs offer smaller, easier-to-maintain homes that nonetheless pile on the comfortable amenities where it counts, like in the living room and sleeping areas. Our plans offer master bedrooms on the main floor for convenience and ease of access. An extra bedroom or two await visiting family, some of these with private bathrooms — perfect for adult children with little ones of their own. If your home will continue to be holiday central, consider a plan with a dining room, but one that opens up to the kitchen for effortless serving and greater interaction between guests. If the garage area is important to you, well it is you lucky day because garages are important to us too. In addition to a well designed home we offer a large garage space with extended RV bays 12" to 14" in height. Even if you do not own a RV (yet) this extraordinary space can be used as a shop area, a special place for your 65 Mustang or even an artist loft. Let us explore the possibilities with you, contact us today.